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About Clash of Clans

At its heart Clash of Clans is what is known as a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. More specifically it could be considered a turn-based RTS. The main focus of the game is to deploy troops against an opponent. Your troops will be deployed and directed in real-time against the automated defenses of your opponent. Your base will also be defended, but not in real time. The base defenses as set up when closing the game determine the defense put on when an opposing player attacks.

Strategy for Clash of Clans game

To build your army you collect resources over time and by winning battles.Our other hack includes clash royale hack, clash royale is another popular game by supercell. Clash royale cheats includes free clash royale resources. These resources are used to strengthen your army via troop and spell purchases and upgrades. They are also used to build and upgrade defenses against invading armies. Some resources are used to do more general upgrades which will allow you to build the army and earn resources more quickly. Finally, a special type of resource can shorten the time spent waiting for upgrades, troops, and resources as well as earn your base extra protection.The resources seen in the game are gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems. Gold and elixir are used from the very beginning of the game, as are gems. In general gold is used for building defenses and elixir is used for building offensive capability. There are exceptions, such as gold to upgrade elixir collection and elixir to upgrade gold collection.

Clash Royale Hack And Cheats

For clash royale hack we are offering free upgrades for clash royale, these clash royale cheats will build an army for the clash royale game. To play Clash of Clans you need to have access to either Android or iOS. The game is available free from the app stores of either platform. Simply download the game and start playing to join the fun.After the initial tutorial stages of the game there is a sort of rhythm that most people get into when playing. After logging in a few moments are spent collecting resources and clearing obstacles from your base. Then comes looking for an opponent to attack. After a successful attack the army is set to be built back up and any base upgrades are started. For the average play session, that all. In some cases, it might make sense to spend gems on rapidly re-building the army for multiple attacks in a single play session. Clash of Clans is a multi-player game. There is a set of single player missions but the bulk of the time is spent playing against random people online. As you advance further it might be time to think of finding known people online to join with, opening the possibility of clan wars. These are battles against specific sets of towns that can result in great rewards. Once you’ve made it to this stage you are a true Clash of Clans player.

Clash of Clan Resources

Gems are also available at the beginning of the game. Explaining gems really brings back the type of game Clash of Clans is, which can be further refined at this point to a Free to Play turn-based RTS. Gems can be gained slowly through clearing randomly appearing obstacles on your base or through purchase with real world money. They can be used to shorten the wait times that exist for almost every action in the game and to buy extra protection shields for your base.

Clash of Clan Hack

Finding a clash of clan hack to get more gems is a common mission. Many even look for a clash of clan cheat in hopes of increasing their resources.Our team for hacking here can generate free resources of Clash of Clan game,so when you need to buy resources like elixirs and gems so that you can take over the game from your competitors.